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Online Music Theory Lessons – Develop The Fundamentals

Our online music theory lessons are suitable for everyone from beginners to more experienced musicians, we cater to all abilities and backgrounds to help you gain the knowledge needed and take your music theory skills to the highest level.

Enhance Your Skillset

Our online music theory courses focus on multiple essential areas whether it be to become or grow as a Musician, Songwriter, Composer, Educator, or Performer. The primary objective of our online music theory classes is to ensure that you gain a developed understanding of your chosen subjects to reach your musical goals.

Breakdown To Master

Our online music theory classes allow you to explore all the vital building blocks of music theory and notation, cover analysis where you can dissect various musical works, build song writing skills for composition, work on ear training to develop musical ability and intuition, study development to fulfil musical goals and much more.

Our Theory Expert

David Lindsay

David Lindsay

Teacher of Music: Theory, Composition, Analysis, Development

David Lindsay is a diverse music teacher, instrumentalist, composer and producer.

Having achieved a Master’s Degree at London College of Music and then a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Music Performance at Westminster University, he went on to study and work as a music teacher as well as also host his own masterclasses.

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