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Government backed, award-winning multi-instrumental music lessons



Over 11 million days are lost

at work each year in the UK because of stress-related illness

Two in three GPs

believe that engagement with the arts can help prevent ill health

More and more organisations

are waking up to the fact that investing in employee wellbeing has a great ROI.

What if we could offer you a fuss-free, budget-friendly way of solving these problems?


Good health and wellbeing at work are vital for retaining and attracting employees.

Research shows us that making music reduces stress and overwhelm, leading to happier, more productive staff.

We provide 1-2-1, small group, or larger team building – sessions to suit the needs of your staff team.

Our music sessions help with:

  • better employee mental health & wellbeing
  • stress release and better work-life balance
  • team bonding and rapport building through fun and entertaining virtual activities
Online Guitar Lessons


Since the Covid-19 pandemic, employee mental health and wellbeing has become even more important than ever.
Remote and hybrid work is much more popular. So employers are looking for ways to build rapport between colleagues who no longer see each other in the office.
Employers are introducing activities to boost the mental health and wellbeing of their staff, such as yoga, counselling, coaching, mentoring and music therapy.
Learning an instrument, either in a 1-2-1 lesson or as part of a group workshop has been shown to boost well-being and have a positive effect on mental health.

So, Why Music?

Personal 1-2-1 music lessons & team building music activities have been shown to:

Improve relationships between team members

Enhance communication skills and mutual listening

Develop better leadership skills within the team

Stimulate creativity and relieve stress

Bring energy to groups of staff and boost team spirit

Encourage teams to work together as a unit

Bring the harmony of the orchestra to a corporate setting

So why online?

We get it. You’re probably wondering: Why not do this face-to-face? Online music activities bring all the benefits of in-person teaching, with none of the drawbacks


Bring Hybrid Workers Together

You can connect different teams from all over the world.


Staff Development

Online lessons are a perfect way of developing mutual listening skills needed for remote working.

Easy connectivity to music software & apps

Music is more tech-centric than ever. Online lessons lend themselves very well to tech integrations by our expert tutors.

Does Not Impact On Work Hours

They fit perfectly with the newly popular smart and hybrid working.

Convenience Set up is simple and quick

Plus no more travelling for students and teachers – saving you time and money.

Immediate feedback and practise

Our lessons are live, and not pre-recorded. So, feedback is instant. But, students can choose to record their lessons to help them practise later.


Better Employee Performance

Music lessons and workshops help boost employee wellbeing. Staff with high levels of wellbeing are more resilient and are less likely to have unplanned absences


More control over your learning

You have more flexibility with the timing of your lessons, so you have fewer missed sessions.

Wider range of lessons

You might not have many local teachers to choose from. We have many tutors based all over the world with a wide range of expertise.


We can create a bespoke package of services to suit your needs. Whether you want to offer 1-2-1 music lessons for personal enjoyment, or group sessions as part of a team building event, we’ve got you covered.
And the beauty of our online lessons means ygur staff can choose to either join from the office, or from the comfort of their own home – wherever they are in the world!
And we can create themed events at different times of the year. For example, we can develop a summer themed event, or a Christmas focussed session, or we can theme our lessons around awareness weeks.

1-2-1 instrument or singing lessons

Group singing workshops

Choir sessions

Rap battles and beatboxing workshops

Music quizzes and 'guess the intro' games

Body percussion classes

'Create a Song' crash course

Music production crash courses

Instrument and singing crash courses

Percussion workshops

Modern tech workshops using apps and programmes

Listening club

staff choose a classic album or genre from our list, and one of our experts will talk through aspects of the music and hold a Q&A session


Our approach is fun, relaxed and sure to get the creative juices flowing.

And there’s no pressure at all to create something perfect.

What’s important is you switch off from work, enjoy the process and discover the joy of music.

From 1-2-1 creative lessons, to full day, team building experiences, our expert-led sessions boost employee mental health. And they increase morale, creativity and innovation too.

We’ll develop bespoke packages to suit your business needs. We offer many types of online experience, so everything can be tailored for your convenience.


We’ve developed our services at RockAcad to answer the growing demand for fun team events that bring real value to employers.

If you invest in staff wellbeing, you’ll notice the results in the workplace.

Our music teachers have got many years of experience working in the music industry and have performed with major headliners on some of the world’s most star-studded stages.

They’ve taught everyone from dads who have never picked up an instrument in their lives, to expert musicians looking to sharpen their skills.

Whatever the needs of your staff, we can help. We’ll listen to your needs and create a bespoke package just for you.

About us

RockAcad is an award-winning global online music academy. We deliver bespoke live 1-2-1, group, or larger team-building music sessions to our corporate clients.

We provide customised methods of teaching for all levels of ability, to ensure a fun and fulfilling learning experience with a clear focus on boosting wellbeing through the joy of music.

Online Guitar Lessons

Our Teachers

David Green – Founder

As well as having worked for prestigious London schools and music academies, David has enjoyed a successful career in the music industry.

He was a ‘Best in Drums’ award winner in the Rhythm Magazine/Music Radar 2016 polls, plus he has recorded and toured with many big names including:

Andy Taylor (Duran Duran), Sam Fender, Reef, The UK X-Factor, Little Comets, VANT, Smoove and Turrell, Ricky Warwick(Thin Lizzy), and Tommy Henriksen (Alice Cooper).

Our mission 

“To support all areas of employee wellbeing, promoting healthy workplaces that flourish with productivity.

We empower your staff to work on their personal development, and bond with other team members. They build rapport and confidence, while gaining many other physical and mental health benefits along the way. 

We offer fun, interactive online music lessons and workshops that fit perfectly into your corporate wellness programmes”. 

David ‘Greenie’ Green

James Taylor

James Taylor

Workshop Leader, Music and Mindfulness Sessions, Drum teacher

JT combines his passions for drumming, health and wellbeing to teach percussion and lead workshops that use music as a tool for personal development. His clients as facilitator include the Red Cross, the Refugee Council, Croydon Music and Arts and the Bank of England.

As a classically trained musician, JT grew up playing drums and percussion culminating in performances with the Halle and National Youth Orchestras in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Opera House. Now, as an active London-based session player, recent engagements have included sets at Glastonbury Festival and the Barbican centre.

Vicky O'Neon

Vicky O'Neon

Drum Teacher

Co-founder of nonprofit music organisations, Girls Rock London and Rock Donna, Vicky has over a decade of music teaching experience.

She’s a talented and passionate drummer receiving the ‘Top Overall Drummer Award’ from the prestigious BIMM Institute in London.

She’s performed with well-known artists such as Ella Henderson, YungBlud, Kaiser Chiefs, Mica Paris, Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Anastacia and the legend that is Queen’s Brian May.

Bobby Harrison

Bobby Harrison

Guitar Teacher

Bobby Harrison is a renowned studio session musician and accomplished guitar teacher, performing and touring worldwide with the likes of Cliff Richard, Brian May, Olivia Newton-John, The Lighthouse Family, Australian Pink Floyd, Bonnie Tyler, Westlife, ’We Will Rock You’ – Queen Musical and ’The Rocky Horror Show’ – Musical.

His studio sessions have seen him work with the late Michael Kamen and record guitar for the animated movie ‘The Snurks’ which starred Patrick Stewart.

Meet our Founder and CEO David

About us

RockAcad is a government-backed award-winning global online music academy. Our experienced DBS checked music teachers and leaders deliver bespoke live 1-2-1 or group music lessons.

We offer a range of instrument and music subject classes which are tailored to suit each schools personal goals and learning styles.

We also use and reinforce key vocabulary from the interrelated dimensions of music to support your curriculum objectives, ensuring a results-based, fun learning experience with a clear progression of skills. Giving you the tools needed to offer a well rounded music curriculum… And all online.

Our lessons have all the benefits of in-person teaching with none of the logistical issues.

And because our lessons are live, in real time, and not pre-recorded, students get instant assessment and feedback.

RockAcad was presented with the ‘Points of Light’ award in 2021 from the UK Prime Minister, for their “Exceptional service to online education

“Thank you for all that you are doing to bring the gift of music to key workers and their children. Among the many challenges we have faced in this battle against coronavirus, few compare to the enormity of so rapidly reinventing education online”

UK Prime Minister

What people say about us

“Getting lessons with RockAcad during a stressful time at work was really helpful and beneficial for my mental wellbeing. It gave me the possibility to space out for a few hours, and gain energy and confidence. RockAcad has great empathetic teachers that understand your needs and provide a fun and productive activity.”


Employee at Expedia

“RockAcad supported me with patience and encouragement through many difficult moments while learning music; they helped me to point out opportunities for which I used to grow.

I feel the most grateful to the whole team“.


Corporate Wellness Student

“Yesterday’s keyboard club was a roaring success, students came to me today and were very happy! They will also be returning next week.

Thank you so much for all your hard work!!”

Head of Music

Harris Federation Morden

“Rockacad’s online-only teaching model is a perfect fit for Trinity and we’re confident in the success of the partnership”

“RockAcad’s teaching approach will work brilliantly with the content of our syllabuses that help to develop real-world musical skills. The digital exam experience will also provide candidates with a seamless extension of their online lessons”.

“As both organisations explore this digital world, they will work together to share
ideas and celebrate students’ achievements”.

Toby Davies

National Advisor for Trinity Rock & Pop at Trinity College London

Who we've worked with...

And we’re Trusted by…

In April 2021, we joined forces with Trinity College London. Through this collaboration, RockAcad became one of Trinity’s first digital exam centres.

  • We’ll teach your students Trinity’s standard or Rock & Pop grades through our online lessons.
  • The lessons are live, so just like with in-person teaching, we can give immediate feedback and targets for progression of skills.
  • Once students are ready, we record their exam and submit the video through our secure system with Trinity. It will then be assessed by Trinity’s expert examiners.
  • We offer specialised bespoke services for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level Music.

Certified exam centre in collaboration with Trinity

FREE Introductory Taster Session

Take an introductory taster session on us. Yep, it’s completely FREE.

We’d never just place you with any tutor who teaches the instrument. We take time to understand what you need from your lessons so we can match you with the right teacher.

That’s where the free taster session comes in. It’s a risk-free way for you to speak with one of our friendly team before you commit to your first full lessons.

We will take you through our in-depth proposal, show you how the lessons work, the set up involved, give tips on how to get the most out of your sessions, as well as answer any questions you may have… Making sure everything is perfect to start your online journey!

And when you’re ready to book. We’ll give you 10% off your first order.

Plus When You Sign Up You Get:

FREE music equipment buying advice for your company and employees

(valued at £500 – £1000)

FREE access to RockAcad exclusive masterclasses/ Q&A events.

Featuring special guests from the highest levels of the music industry. (valued at £500 per masterclass)

Our previous masterclass and Q&A guests have included: John Waugh (The 1975. Sam Fender, Holly Humberstone. La Roux. Andy Taylor). Drew Michael (Sam Fender drummer). Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper, The Almighty, Bruce Dickinson)..and many more.


We work with big name music brands and distributors to offer discounts on music equipment purchases. (Valued at £100’s-£1000’s).

Schools & Corporates Enquiries

To find out more about RockAcad and what we offer, or to arrange a booking with us, just fill in the enquiry form below and one of our team will personally respond to you.

(Check your spam folder for replies, or add [email protected] to your email contacts).

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