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How do online lessons work?

Tell Me About A Typical Online Lesson Set Up/Structure?
We use Zoom and Skype secure internet video platforms for online lessons. Both work on any device such as a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop, and they are completely free to use.

If you are interested in booking an online lesson, we will discuss what video platform will work best, answer any of your questions and then organise a preferred time and day for your first lesson.

If you are new to online lessons, we can guide you through any of the technical aspects, so you will be all set up and ready to go before starting.

During the first lesson your teacher will gain an understanding of what you or your child’s goals are, and then be able to build a clear, professional, customised teaching plan for moving forward, while also starting to build a solid teacher/student rapport.

The lesson structure will vary depending on what the student wants to learn or develop as all RockAcad teaching programs are tailored to each individual student’s needs and goals. Our tutors have many years of experience and can help with any request.

In a typical lesson, the teacher will be able to critique your playing instantly, and because of advances in technology, they can share any applicable music sheets, written examples or video links with you live. You can also record parts (or all) of your lessons and rewatch afterwards to help with practice (these features aren’t as popular with many other online competitors).

Because our experienced teachers are also successful major record label solo artists and high profile session musicians, we can also give advice on how to get started and continue to develop a successful career in the music industry.

What Equipment Should I Have Ready For My First Lesson?
All you need to get started is your instrument, a device such as a laptop, desktop computer, smart phone or tablet and a stable internet connection!

If you play drums for example and don’t have a kit, we can even look at using a practice pad and drumsticks in the lesson.

Our Teachers can help students with purchasing the right instrument and equipment if they do not own anything. We also have a list of recommended music stores we can provide and often post help guides about these topics on our social media pages which you can find by searching ‘@rockacad’

It is advisable to have a speaker or an amplifier set up in your home so you can play along to any backing tracks or songs. We can send links or MP3 files to you live in the lesson via the chat features in Skype or Zoom.

It is also important to remember to be able to have your face and all of your instrument in view of the camera in the lesson, so your teacher can see everything, and be able to give you instant feedback on your playing.

Do I Need Books or Learning Materials Before Starting?

You don’t need any books or learning material for our lessons unless you are studying towards graded exams or want to work on a piece from a published book.

We can provide everything from our vast amounts of personal resources which can be sent live in the lesson through the chat functions of either Zoom or Skype. These sheets can then be either saved to your computer and/or printed out at home for practice. If the student needs advice on purchasing a book, we can help recommend which one and where to purchase from.

(Our teachers can also send any lesson notes and relevant learning materials to the student or a parent after each lesson by email).

Zoom and Skype screen share is another great feature we use in the lessons to help with smaller details. For example, this is useful when using a keyboard mouse to indicate certain notes for music theory guidance which both the student and teacher can see at the same time.

You can also record parts or all of your lessons which can then be played back unlimited times for practice and even save them permanently to your desktop. Another great advantage of choosing online lessons.

Can Anyone Take Lessons?
The lessons are for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of ability.We teach complete beginners right through to professional musicians and work with any style of music.
How Do I Speak To Someone From RockAcad?
If you have any further queries or questions at any point before booking, during or after your lessons with us, just drop our friendly team an email on: [email protected] and we will personally get straight back to you.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, we support our students during their musical journey and want them to enjoy the learning process as they progress.


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