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Online Sound Engineering Lessons – Develop The Technical Skills To Become Professional

Our online sound and audio engineering courses provide you with the practical techniques and gain critical listening skills while discovering how to use a variety of consoles. Gain a better understanding of processors such as EQ, Gates, Limiters, Compressors and much more to help produce top-level mixes.

Learn From Industry Professionals

All RockAcad online audio engineering courses are delivered by teachers who also work in the music industry at the top level, so you can be guaranteed first-class, reliable sound engineering tuition.

Customise Your Lessons

Want to enhance your sound and audio engineering skillset? Our online sound engineering lessons allow you to design your own music learning journey by choosing what you want to learn and how you want to learn it.

Our Engineering Expert

Matt Walch

Matt Walch

Sound Engineering/Production Teacher

Matt Walch is an accomplished sound engineer, producer and guitarist.
Over the last 10 years, Matt has toured worldwide mixing live sound for major label artists along with recording and mixing Top 40 albums.

He has produced and engineered numerous tracks with independent bands, has been playing guitar and writing music for 16 years, and has first-class degrees in BA Music Technology and MA Studio Composition.

To read Matt’s full Biography please click on the Linked In logo below.

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