Music Production Crash Course

Whether you’re at home or on holiday, you can study this live online band course from anywhere in the world in a safe and stimulating learning environment.

Course Overview:

Study all aspects of basic music production through live personal tuition from our expert teachers on this 5 day crash course.

Rock Band

What You Will Study:

DAY 1 – Getting it right at the source

A great mix starts with great sounding recordings and a strong, engaging arrangement.

  • Getting the sounds right at the source
  • Tuning instruments
  • Editing (The Producer’s Secret Weapon) – quantizing, pitch correction and picking the perfect performance for your song

Arrangement tips and tricks

  • Building your arrangement with melody, accompaniment and energy
  • Subtracting elements to create impact
DAY 2 – The Rough Mix

Getting a rough mix using only volume and panning

  • The 10 minute Rough Mix
  • The 1 minute rule
  • Mixing in mono
  • Introduction to “top down mixing”
  • Using reference tracks
DAY 3 – EQ
  • What an EQ does and how to use your DAWs stock EQ to get amazing results

  • Additive EQ vs Subtractive EQ

  • 4 EQ Hacks that will give you amazing results fast!

DAY 4 – Compression
  • Introduction to compression – threshold, ratio, release, make up gain.

  • How to use your DAWs stock compressor to create excitement and glue in your track

  • Introduction to parallel compression

DAY 5 – Effects and Automation
  • How to use automation and effects to create excitement in your mix

  • Volume automation on instrument fills (drums, bass, keys etc)

  • Creating delay throws with automation sends

  • Bass automation trick to create impact in a chorus / hook


Price: £199 (Refer a friend and you both get 10% cashback!)


Dates: Anytime.


Schedule: 1 x 75 minute session per day over 5 days


Bonus feature: Get FREE access to EXCLUSIVE live Q&A masterclasses from music industry professionals throughout summer


Suitable for: Budding producers, songwriters, musicians or anyone with an interest in music production


Requirements to attend: Students must be at least 13 years of age and have a Digital Audio Workstation (email: [email protected] with any questions).

Please note: This course has limited capacity. You will secure a place by paying full outstanding amount. When the course capacity has been filled, anyone who has not paid in full will be placed on our waiting list.



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By Completing This Course You Will:

  • Develop the skills needed to create and produce your own songs.

  • Know your way around your Digital Audio Workstation.

  • Have a good understanding of what effects are and how to apply them to your songs.

  • Gain knowledge on how to write and arrange songs using rhythm, melody, chord progressions and accompaniment.

  • Understand the ingredients needed to build a great mix.

  • Build confidence

  • Gain a sense of achievement

  • Be given the opportunity to display self expression

  • Work competently as part of a group

Your Expert Teacher:

Your Expert Teacher:

Matt Young

Matt has many years of experience as a musician, producer, performer and accomplished music teacher. He has appeared on and produced many recordings, playing everything from guitar to bass, piano, and keyboards as well as singing. Matt plays in several bands including his own solo project ‘Maiden’s of Mercury,’ where he covers most of the instruments, sings lead vocals and produces all recordings.

Online Drum Classes


What age do I need to be to attend these sessions?

This course is open for anyone from the age of 16+.

What equipment do I need to sign up for this course?

You only need your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and a device capable of running the Zoom app: (email: [email protected] with any questions).

Do I need any experience in music to be able to join this course?

No you don’t need any experience. You can sign up for this course even if you are a beginner.

What if I have anymore questions?

Just fill in our enquiry form or email: [email protected] and we will get back to you asap!


“Thank you for all that you are doing to bring the gift of music to key workers and their children. Among the many challenges we have faced in this battle against coronavirus, few compare to the enormity of so rapidly reinventing education online”

Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister

“RockAcad have outstanding teachers – they make learning an instrument fun and interesting. They are kind, patient and their passion for music is infectious.

My daughters progress has rocketed ahead and now she’s flying! I have no hesitation in recommending RockAcad to anybody wanting t have a great experience learning to play music”

Mark Wilcox

Parent of RockAcad Student

“RockAcad’s online-only teaching model is a perfect fit for Trinity and we are confident in the success of the collaboration.

RockAcad’s approach to teaching through the use of professional musicians who are still out there touring and performing complements Trinity’s Rock & Pop syllabus which focuses on the development of real skills, through real songs, resulting in real progress”

Toby Davies

National Advisor for Trinity Rock & Pop at Trinity College London

“I had online music lessons with RockAcad, learnt lots, everything was simplified and made easy to follow.

Would totally recommend!”

Tillie Peel

RockAcad Student

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